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Nuevas condiciones contrato HOSTELWORLD
Hostelworld nos hace firmar una revisión del contrato que teníamos con ellos.
Entiendo que es algo que están pidiendo a todos sus clientes, no?
Alguien lo ha firmado ya?

Este es un resumen de las novedades:
Section 1 includes clauses related to treatment of all customers, obligations around availability, rate parity and responsibilities in respect of management of the property (e.g. insurance, credit card handling). This section also warrants that the contract is signed by its duly authorised representative and the secure management of Inbox logins provided.
Section 2 outlines responsibilities and rights in respect of information provided about the property and marketing.
Section 3 outlines Hostelworld.com’s (HW) responsibilities in respect of the contract.
Section 4 notes that the service fee and relevant commercial arrangements are now included in a schedule, which remain unchanged from your current arrangements.
Section 5 clearly states how collections work which remain unchanged. The clause refers to Appendix 1 in the event of a change to this model which is not under consideration.
Sections 6 & 7 provide greater clarity around obligations related to liability and restricted nations.
Section 8 relates to contract termination subject to a 28 days’ notice period.
Section 9 provides clarity around notice periods and processes, data protection, transfer rights and other general clauses. The contract entitles HW to vary terms in the future with 14 days advance notice.
Section 10 is relevant to properties connecting to our services via an API (e.g. channel managers).
Section 11 is relevant to properties using the HW Booking Engine, which will replace the existing booking engine contract. Please check the terms outlined.

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